Yasukuni-Jinja Shrine

The first tea ceremony under the name of “Kobori Souhou” was held at the Seisen-tei tea room at Yasukuni Shrine.

Since the other guests were from the Senke school, I arranged the tea ceremony to show the characteristics of the school by using the tools of the previous generations of the school and those preferred by Enshu. Also, since this was the first tea ceremony for me, I scattered auspicious motifs such as a gold-orchid grapevine design and a tea bowl with chrysanthemum poems written on it.

Although it was very hot on the day, which made me think that autumn was far away, I would be happy if the guests could feel the wind of the season transitioning to autumn.

Date: 16th September, 2018

Venue: Yasukuni-jinja shrine, Tokyo

Photo: Kejll Hahn