Chiaki Horikoshi’s Exhibition
“Darkness under a tree”

“The tea ceremony seats like a single flower in the Spanish wilderness. Two tatami mats laid out in a corner of the spacious exhibition space create a space that transcends national borders.

Fuyuko Kobori held a tea ceremony for 10 days at Cervantes Cultural Center in Ichigaya, during Chiaki Horikoshi’s two-month solo exhibition “My Gut in Spain”. Fuyuko Kobori’s tea ceremony was held during the exhibition period from August to September 2011. Special events such as dance performance by dancer Min Tanaka, guitarist Kaori Muraji and flamenco dancer Shoji Kojima’s live performance were also held during the exhibition. The tea ceremony by Fuyuko Kobori was completely free of charge. The combination of the traditional tea ceremony and Chiaki Horikoshi’s impressive tea bowl gave a fresh impression to the audience, and the event ended with a great success.

Date: August.-September,2011

Venue: Cervantes Cultural Center, Ichigaya, Tokyo, Japan

Artist: Chiaki Horikoshi

Concept: Fuyuko Kobori

Photo: Kjell Hahn