Vivienne Tam / FNO

New York brand Vivienne Tam has a store on Fashion Avenue, the best street in Japan, on a back street in Aoyama.
The red four-and-a-half-mat room in the Fittig Room on the basement level is the perfect setting for a one-night-only tea ceremony.
On November 5, 2011, a one-night-only tea room was created for this special evening.

Fashion’s Night Out Tokyo, hosted by Vogue magazine.
Fashion people from all over Tokyo get together and hold various events at various stores to revitalize the fashion scene.
Vivienne Tam’s theme this year is “Vivienne Tam Meets Tea Girl”!
A mysterious tea party for clients only took place in a tea room built just for one night, called Kochouan, where the owner, Fuyuko Kobori, entertained fashion people and celebrities with tea.

Fuyuko Kobori, the proprietor of the tea house, welcomed the fashionistas and celebrities with tea.
The theme for the tea ceremony was “Butterfly Dream”, and the butterfly, the signature of the Vivienne Tam brand, has been luring people into a dream since ancient times, and there are many stories about it.
Dream, reality or illusion? Chuang Tzu’s tale tells us that both are true.
Tea ceremony and fashion, both of which are, in a sense, playing into the dream. It is important to enjoy them both freely.

Date: 5th November, 2011

Venue: Vivienne Tam Aoyama, Tokyo

Produce: Ippin Saraya

Photo: Kejll Hahn