About Visiting our school


Kobori Enshu-ryu Iemoto Kyojo (the grand tea master’s class) is open to anyone wishing to learn the tea ceremony of our school.

Iemoto, the grand tea master Soen Kobori, Soyu Kobori and Fuyuko Soho Kobori teach at the school. You can learn not only the standard tea ceremonies, and also the charcoal ceremonies and the tea ceremony on the table. Iemoto also holds workshops several times a year, and beginners are welcome to attend.

Although the threat of the covid-19 is still unpredictable, we do our utmost to maintain good hygiene, including wearing masks, washing hands thoroughly, wiping tools with rubbing alcohol.

If you would like to visit the class, please contact us.

About our class

How to get started

*We are sorry that the classes are only open to those wishing to get started our school and are not open to visitors or the public.