Sen-Sui Chakai Tea Ceremony

ART colours Vol. 09 Chiaki Horikoshi’s Wabi-Sabi Exhibition

Chiaki Horikoshi is a celebrated painter, essayist, potter, and singer. He spends his time traveling between the cheerful warmer climates of Spain and the Wabi-Sabi concepts of Japan in order to encourage the free rugged style in which he creates his scenes of art. For the next ART colours exhibition, Chiaki Horikoshi’s Wabi-Sabi, we have enticed him from his tea house in the mountains of Kamiizumimura in order to display the art he created on his many travels around the world.
We invite you to experience the pleasures of Horikoshi in springtime, only possible at the Park Hotel Tokyo’s atrium.

Period: March 10th – May 18th, 2014
Hours: 11:30 – 22:00
Projection Mapping begins after dark
Open every day during the period. Time restrictions may apply due to unscheduled events.
Venue: The 25th floor Atrium, Park Hotel Tokyo
Admission: Free of charge


Special tea ceremony
2014/4/13 (Sun)
2014/5/11 (Sun)


Day time (¥3,000)
(Horikoshi’s handmade bowls of thick tea, thin tea and sweets )
1st 11:00〜12:30
2nd 13:00〜14:30
3rd 15:00〜16:30

Night time (¥5,000)
(Horikoshi’s handmade cups of Japanese sake, bowls of thick tea and thin tea, and sweets)
Artist Chiaki Horikoshi will talk about his art over cups of sake which package Horikoshi designed.
4th 17:00〜18:30
5th 19:00〜20:30

Park Hotel Tokyo25th floor Lobby

Cash only.
No cancel accepted.

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